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Closing the blog!

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Yosh minna, i'm very sorry to announce that this blog is temporary closed due to me being buzy with work and Univ and other Web project i'm working on at the same time. So no Update for this blog from now on, and no re-upload also so plzz don't ask me for that.

But with Bunkatsu blog being closed, my other big project is working well and need your participation at it, is a forum for everything related to asian cultur and specially J-Pop Cultur, Natsuyume is a place where you can Discuss and talk about your asian Cultur love and also a place where you can share your download links of everything related to asia, so don't be shy and join us at and have plenty of fun with us.

PS : We need Moderators and an Admin for, so if you're interested join the forum and be active for a while and then mail me for your condidator for those posts.

Synopsis: Kyoichi Suzuki is an average college student in his junior year. Although he’s not in one of the top universities, he’s satisfied with his college life studying architecture. Kyoichi left home and is finally on his own, living in a beat-up apartment in Tokyo.

However, this apartment building is home to some out-of-the-ordinary residents, who are always bugging Kyoichi. His next-door neighbor hits Kyoichi up for a loan when he finds out that Kyoichi just got paid. His other next- door neighbor who works at a nightclub, always calls Kyoichi, demanding him to come pick her up, because she’s so drunk. Other than that, Kyoichi is satisfied with his normal life, until he meets a girl one day…


Welcome to the Quiet Room (“Quiet room ni yôkoso” – クワイエットルームにようこそ) is a Japanese movie released in 2007 in Japan, directed by Suzuki Matsuo. It is set in a psychiatric hospital. The movie stars Yuki Uchida in the main role, and features two famous movie and anime directors in secondary roles: Hideaki Anno and Shinya Tsukamoto.

Synopsis: 28 years old freelencer writer Sakura Asuka (Yuki Uchida) wakes up tied in a white room. The white room is a protected room located in an isolated ward of a psychiatric hospital. Sakura first became unconscious because of heavy alcohol use and a druge overdose. She’s confined in the single room because of her high risk of committing suicide.
Sakura tried to talk to the nurses and doctors but they didn’t listen to her. Under the circumstances another patient Miki (Yu Aoi), who suffers from an eating disorder, leads her to understand the unknown world. But, Sakura is looking for the way to get back to the real world as soon as possible.


Eternal Fighter Zero -MEMORIAL-

Fighting ~ 1-2 Players (Versus) ~ Version 4.02 (11/28/2005) ~ 

An excellent fighting game with 23 characters from visual novels by Tactics and Key (Moon, One, Kanon, and Air). Every character is unique, to the point where individual characters even dash differently. Many characters have unique mechanics attached to them. For example, Mizuka Nagamori can create notes and detonate them. Mishio Amano has two different movesets, depending on whether her spear is imbued with Fire or Lightning. This variety in movesets is quite refreshing, and I highly recommend this game to any fighting game enthusiasts.
Official Site:

Personal Comments: I loved this game before I even knew about Key. Every character was unique and interesting to use. Now that I've played through One and Kanon, I appreciate this game even more than before. This is my second all-time favorite fighting game (after Scarlet Weather Rhapsody).

Wiki Information Included



Diadra Empty (ディアドラエンプティ)

Shooting ~ 1 Player ~ 1.52PLUS (2/11/2009) ~

A shooting game with huge maps and enemies indicated on the radar. Your shot type is highly customizable.
Official Site:

Personal Comments: It's small, and supposedly very good. I haven't really played it, to be honest. I uploaded this because, well... It's small, and supposedly very good. xD

Complete Save Data Included (SaveData.dat)




Fighting ~ 1-2 Players (Versus) ~ Version 1.22 (7/27/2009) ~ Uploaded 8/06/2009

A 3D fighting game with characters from Fate/stay night by Type-Moon. Battles are fought tag-team with a master and a servant (if the servant dies, the master can continue fighting. if the master dies, the round ends).
Official Site: 



The Sword With No Name

Genre: Martial Art
Starring: Su-Ae, Cho Seung-Woo, Cheon Ho-Jin, Choi Jae-Woong, Kim Young-Min, Ko Su-Hee
Release year: 2009
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Mu Myeong (Cho Seung-Woo) is a Joseon dynasty headhunter who meets and falls in love with lady Ja Yeong (Su-Ae) who will become the future Empress Myseongseong. A few years later, Ja Yeong enters the royal palace to marry King Gojong. Mu Myeong still having feelings for Ja Yeong and in an attempt to get closer to her becomes her personal body guard.

Ja Yeong, now as the Queen of Joseon, becomes involved in a power struggle with Russia and Japan who are attempting to colonize Korea. Furthermore, King Gojong's father (Cheon Ho-Jin), who wields true power in Joseon, works with the foreign interests which causes Ja Yeong to stand up to him and the foreign diplomats. The king's father then gives his implicit approval for the Japanese to assassinate Queen Je Yeong. Mu Myeong must now fend off these threats to protect the woman he loves ...

1. "The Sword With No Name" is based on the real historical figure Empress Myseongseong, but her relationship with Mu Myeong is fictional.
2. Mu Myeong means literally "no name" or "no light" in Korean. The fictional character named "Mu Myeong" played by Cho Seung-Woo is an assassin without a name.
3. Actor Cho Seung-Woo was unavailable during the movie's promotional events due to his mandatory 2 year enrollment in the South Korean military.
4. "The Sword With No Name" opened #2 at the South Korean box office selling 192,907 tickets on 510 screens (24.7% of all ticket sales) during its opening September 25th - September 27th weekend.
5. Through its theatrical run "The Sword With No Name" sold a total of 1,681,638 tickets and stayed in the weekend top ten for 5 consecutive weeks.


[Anime-Movie] Harmagedon / Genma Taisen (1983) 
[MKV] [Dual Audio / English subs]

Main Title: Genma Taisen
Official Title Harmagedon
Official Title 幻魔大戦
Official Title Harmagedon
Official Title Хармагеддон
Synonym: Ghenma Wars, Great War with Genma
Type: Movie
Year: 12.03.1983
Categories: Action, Adventure, Science fiction, SciFi
Info from anidb:
From the depths of space he is coming…
Ancient beyond understanding, his power is immeasurable. He has destroyed half the universe and is on his way here. He is… Genma.
Only two people are aware of the imminent catastrophe: Princess Luna, a modern day prophetess and Vega, a cybernetic crusader from a world long since ravaged by Genma. Determined to spare the Earth from a similar fate, Luna and Vega must try to mobilize the most potent psychics in the world. Together, this army of fledging psychic warriors must succeed where billions have tried… and failed.
But will they be able to gather their champions in time? Genma’s agents are already on Earth to ensure that their master meets with no opposition!



Nihongo Notes Books 1-10 Complete Set ( Ebook )

Nihongo Notes Books 1 to 10
( Ebooks, 10 Volumes / Rapidshare / pdf / 41MB )

The "Nihongo Notes" series of books are a compilation of "Japan Times" columns about the Japanese language that deal with specific conversations and situations; for example, how to start a business discussion, how to develop and conclude discussions, and how to make requests and criticize others. Examples of actual discussions, polite and informal, are included, as well as several examples of common [and often amusing] mistakes; but this is not just a common phrase book: each entry is given a two-page explanation of usage.



Yosh mina!

I have a few thing to announce to you guys :
1- The update may be a little bit slow in this month and next one too, because i'm going to do a general check for all the links here in the blog, i'm going to check for dead links and try to remplace them, i'll try to organize all what have been posted so far.

2- The new blog theme still bug everyday, and i'm trying to fix it, so don't worry, everything will be just fine with this theme.
3- Download links are hidden within the post, it impossible to see them in the home page, yet you can view by clicking on the title of the post you want to see its links.
4- To navigate throught this blog, i just made a sidebar navig at your right, you'll find too a help desk sidebar where you can acces to our FAQ and to our Request section .
4- We need help, if you want to contribut with us, send me an email at or post here Join US!
Hope you'll enjoy this blog ^^


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