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Closing the blog!

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Yosh minna, i'm very sorry to announce that this blog is temporary closed due to me being buzy with work and Univ and other Web project i'm working on at the same time. So no Update for this blog from now on, and no re-upload also so plzz don't ask me for that.

But with Bunkatsu blog being closed, my other big project is working well and need your participation at it, is a forum for everything related to asian cultur and specially J-Pop Cultur, Natsuyume is a place where you can Discuss and talk about your asian Cultur love and also a place where you can share your download links of everything related to asia, so don't be shy and join us at and have plenty of fun with us.

PS : We need Moderators and an Admin for, so if you're interested join the forum and be active for a while and then mail me for your condidator for those posts.

Zoids are beast-like fighting machines used in both everyday use such as transportation, and special use such as war. Some types of Zoids, know as Organoids, are miniature Zoids that are living organisms. These Organoids have the capability to fuse with a non-living Zoid and make it much more powerful.

Van (Ban) Freiheit discovers a Zoid Organoid in an abandoned laboratory while running from two strangers piloting Zoids. Also in the laboratory, in an animated suspension tube is a strange girl. He breaks the tube open and takes her and the Organoid with him. Spotting a ruined Shield Liger Zoid outside nearby, the Organoid fuses with it and repairs the damages. Making his escape, Van names the Organoid Zeke, and decides to keep him as a friend. The girl, who says her name is Fiona, wants to find something called Zoids Eve, and so Van, Zeke, and Fiona begin their adventure.

Type : TV Series, 67 episodes
Year : 04.09.1999 till 23.12.2000
Categories : Action, Comedy, Mecha, Piloted Robots, SciFi, Shounen
Source : Anidb

Download :

Language: English
File Type: .mkv
Individual File Sizes: 231Mb
Total Size: 15.17Gb
Quality: Dvd Quality
ep 01 =
ep 02 =
ep 03 = http://www.
ep 04 =
ep 05 =
ep 06 =
ep 07 =
ep 08 =
ep 09 =
ep 10 =
ep 11 =
ep 12 =
ep 13 =
ep 14 =
ep 15 =
ep 16 =
ep 17 =
ep 18 =
ep 19 =
ep 20 =
ep 21 =
ep 22 =
ep 23 =
ep 24 =
ep 25 =
ep 26 =
ep 27 =
ep 28 =
ep 29 =
ep 30 =
ep 31 =
ep 32 =
ep 33 =
ep 34 =
ep 35 =
ep 36 =
ep 37 =
ep 38 =
ep 39 =
ep 40 =
ep 41 =
ep 42 =
ep 43 =
ep 44 =
ep 45 =
ep 46 =
ep 47 =
ep 48 =
ep 49 =
ep 50 =
ep 51 =
ep 52 =
ep 53 =
ep 54 =
ep 55 =
ep 56 =
ep 57 =
ep 58 =
ep 59 =
ep 60 =
ep 61 =
ep 62 =
ep 63 =
ep 64 =
ep 65 =
ep 66 =
ep 67 = http://www.

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Yosh mina!

I have a few thing to announce to you guys :
1- The update may be a little bit slow in this month and next one too, because i'm going to do a general check for all the links here in the blog, i'm going to check for dead links and try to remplace them, i'll try to organize all what have been posted so far.

2- The new blog theme still bug everyday, and i'm trying to fix it, so don't worry, everything will be just fine with this theme.
3- Download links are hidden within the post, it impossible to see them in the home page, yet you can view by clicking on the title of the post you want to see its links.
4- To navigate throught this blog, i just made a sidebar navig at your right, you'll find too a help desk sidebar where you can acces to our FAQ and to our Request section .
4- We need help, if you want to contribut with us, send me an email at or post here Join US!
Hope you'll enjoy this blog ^^


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